Application Form. Code Assistant – Bloomsburg, Columbia County, PA The Town of Bloomsburg is currently seeking an assistant in the Code Enforcement Department.  The hourly rate of pay is $10.  The average hours in a week will be around 10 hours with a flexible work schedule.  The department is moving towards a digitalized form of storage.  This position includes but is not limited to: preparing and imaging- building and site plans utilizing a plot scanner, plans and other documents, properly marking and filing, and destroying documents after proper authorization is provided.  Other duties as assigned by the Director of Code Enforcement. Minimum experience and training requirements: Good knowledge of office terminology, procedures and office equipment.  Ability to type with speed and accuracy.  Ability to operate a computer terminal.  Completion of a standard high school course supplemented with business courses; or any equivalent combination of experience and training, which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. BOARD(S), COMMISSION(S), TASK FORCE(S) VACANCIES There are vacancies on the following boards/ commissions for the Town of Bloomsburg.  Interested candidates who live within the Town of Bloomsburg should submit a letter of interest to the Town of Bloomsburg located at 301 E. 2nd Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815. You can also submit via e-mail at: [email protected] (1) Municipal Authority.  Term expires 12/31/2026.  Meets the second Tuesday of each month. (1) Municipal Authority.  Term expires 12/31/2025.  Meets the second Tuesday of each month. (1) Zoning Hearing Board.  Term expires 12/31/2024.  Meets the second Thursday of each month. (1) Zoning Hearing Board Alternate.  Term expires 12/31/2022.  Meets the second Thursday of each month. (1) Flood Task Force.  No set term.  Quarterly meetings. (1) Codes Appeal Board.  Term expires 12/31/2024.  Hearing time varies when occasion arise. (2) Code Appeal Board Alternates.  Terms expires 12/31/2022.  Hearing time varies when occasion arise. The below vacancy position does not require residency within the Town of Bloomsburg, but must be a registered architect. (1) Historic Architectural Review Board.  Term expires 12/31/2025.  Meets the first Tuesday of each month.